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Thursday, 28 August 2003 00:00


1: Left foot, front right cross tap.
(Left leg steps accross and in front of right leg. Feet are side by side with each other.)
2: Left foot, back right cross tap.
(Left foot is brought behind right leg in a cross step. Feet side by side.)
3: Right leg, right side sweep.
(Weight is transferred to left foot, right leg then sweeps out to a side step with weight still on left foot.)

5: Right foot, back left cross step.
(Right foot continues sweep so that right leg ends up behind left leg.)
6: Left foot, back right cross step.
(Left foot is brought behind right leg in a cross step. Feet side by side.)
6 and 1/2: Forward lock step.
(At this half way point, right foot steps forward while staying in cross step.)
7: Forward lock step.
(While in cross step, left foot steps forward while staying in cross step.)

123 - Basic.
567 - Basic.

123 - Outside (right) turn.
567 - Basic.

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Friday, 19 November 2004 00:00

Diagonal Slides

123: Basic.

Forward Diagonal Slide
5: Right foot, right diagonal-back step.
6: Left foot, big left-forward diagonal step.
7: Right foot, slide to left foot.

1: Left foot, right forward cross step.
2: Right foot, back step.
3: Hop-back. Land with weight on the left leg. Left foot ends behind the right foot.

Forward Diagonal Slide
5: Right foot, rear-left cross step.
67: Forward left diagonal slide.

123: Basic.

Published in Shines/Footwork
Tuesday, 07 November 2006 20:45

3-Count Crossbody Lead

3-Count Crossbody Lead
Start - closed hold.

123 - 3-count crossbody lead, with open break,
(Lead pushes follower, with the right arm, on the count of two so that the follower passes the left
side of the lead and the follower ends to the back of the lead in 3 counts. As the follower goes across the crossbody, the lead steps and turns left to continue to face the follower.)
567 - Basic.

Published in Crossbody Lead

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