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Wednesday, 08 November 2006 19:39

Surprise Dip

Surprise Dip
Start - Single open hold (left hand).

123 - Open break to close-line position.
(After breaking follower, the lead moves their right hand to
567 - Surprise dip to recover with body twist.

Notes: lead's right hand just below level of follower's neck during dip. Body is twisted to the right to return to basic from dip recovery. Follower's left arm is flared while right is around lead's neck.
Published in Dips
Cross-body Left Broken-Arm Turn to Right Broken-Arm
Start - Cross hold.

123 - Basic.
567 - Outside turn for left broken arm.
(Lead's left hand kept low, right hand up high.)
123 - Cross-body prep.
567 - Cross-body double inside turn twisted-arm exit to right broken-arm.
(Halfway through the turn, while the left arm is behind the follower, the follower twists the arm and continues turning to a right broken-arm.)
123 - Basic in right broken-arm.
Published in Crossbody Lead

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